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Beads have played a key role in human history. They have been viewed as mystical objects, jewels, talismans, and meditation items. Subhas are a traditional, cultural accessory perfectly depicting an eternal flow. Commonly used during praying rituals and as worship loops, their simplicity and captivating beauty are comforting, soothing... a reason for your fingers to move while your mind wanders.

Subha beads are made in the UAE from PLA, a non-toxic renewable "bioplastic," utilizing top-of-the-art 3D printing with 100% sustainable processes. The 33 beads and three dividers are combined together by hand using cotton or silk thread.

Black Subha: Inspired by the black Arabian men's handband called "Agal" - which is used to keep the yashmagh in place - comes this stunning black Subha. A distinctive garment, associated with the culture and heritage, it represents solidarity and respect for our traditions.

- Made in UAE