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Khaled Al Jaberi artistically features the craftswomen of Al Ghadeer UAE Crafts, many of whom are grandmothers, as comical cartoon characters. One drawing expresses the common dilemma grandmothers face when waiting for the henna covering their hands to dry so that they can sip on their Arabic coffee cups. Another drawing is of a grandmother patiently working on her long piece of woven palm tree leaves with her grandchildren helping and giggling. The drawings are printed on tote bags with cotton handles made of Sadu, an ancient regional craft weaving natural threads, traditionally used by Bedouins to make their tents.

Made by Al Ghadeer UAE Crafts, empowering women in the community by providing them with resources that enable them to create culturally inspired and sustainable products to help secure a good living, preserve local crafts, and echo the country's heritage.

- Bag Made of Sadu with Cotton Handles
- Made in UAE