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Experience the beauty of outer space, the eVscope eQuinox reveals in seconds galaxies, nebulae, comets, and much more in unparalleled crisp and colourful details. Turn your telescope on, choose an object on the Unistellar app and observe. No need for constellations knowledge, no polar star alignment, the eVscopes do it all by themselves and in a few minutes. This telescope packs power and accuracy in a unique compact telescope that you can carry anywhere. It proves the best telescope for city dwellers who have to contend with city lights and pale night skies.

The eVscope eQuinox Telescope includes:
- Integrated Intelligent Image Processing and Light Pollution Reduction
- Autonomous Field Detection for set-up time under 1 minute
- On-board computer with 35h of observation storage capacity for science missions
- Motorized alt-az mount
- Sturdy tripod with extendable legs and integrated level
- Built-in battery with up to 12 hours battery life
- App with 5.000+ objects catalogue and its future updates - available on iOS and Android systems (min requirement iOS 12 or Android 6, with touchscreen, GPS and Wi-Fi)
- Unistellar Network membership

Hardware Specifications:
Optical Magnification: 50x
Digital Magnification: up to 400x (150x recommended maximum)
Max Magnitude: <16 in medium quality night sky in under a minute, up to 18 in excellent conditions in a few minutes
Field of view: 27 arcmin x 37arcmin
Separating power: 1.72 arcsecond
Mirror Diameter: 11.43cm
Focal: 450mm
Motorized Alt-Az Mount with extreme tracking accuracy thanks to Automated Celestial Tracking with Feedback
Weight: 9kg including tripod
Storage capacity: 64 GB