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Uncompromised optics for a stunning visual experience, the eVscope 2 brings power and speed together with optical expertise to deliver the most immersive space exploration experience. Leveraging Nikon's expertise in electronic eyepiece, and with a 7.7Mpx enhanced image resolution, the eVscope 2 delivers the most stunning visual experience ever seen in a consumer telescope, with state of the art observing comfort, and an incredible amount of details, definition and zoom ability allowing for better details in images.

The eVscope 2 Telescope includes:
- Integrated Intelligent Image Processing and Light Pollution Reduction
- Autonomous Field Detection for set-up time under 1 minute
- Nikon designed eyepiece
- On-board computer with 35h of observation storage capacity for science missions
- Motorized alt-az mount
- Sturdy tripod with extendable legs and integrated level
- Built-in battery with up to 10 hours battery life
- Storage backpack
- App with 5.000+ objects catalogue and its future updates - available on iOS and Android systems (min requirement iOS 12 or Android 6, with touchscreen, GPS and Wi-Fi)
- Unistellar Network membership

Hardware Specifications:
Optical Magnification: 50x
Digital Magnification: up to 400x (150x recommended maximum)
Max Magnitude: <16 in medium quality night sky in under a minute, up to 17.7 in excellent conditions in a few minutes
Field of view: 34 arcmin x 47 arcmin
Resolving power: 1.33 arcsecond
Mirror Diameter: 11.43cm
Focal: 450mm
Motorized Alt-Az Mount with extreme tracking accuracy thanks to Automated Celestial Tracking with Feedback
Weight: 9kg including tripod
Storage capacity: 64 GB