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Explore the world around you and beyond with this Luxury Explorer Pack. This 5-piece set of high-quality tools includes a sextant to measure the angle distance between objects, map caliper, telescope, compass, and antique map of the Earth's low orbit with the representation of the S.O.L. System including OSS Hope. Official OSS Hope engraved brass plaques accent the sextant and compass providing the perfect gift set for space explorers.

Orbital Space Station Hope is a futuristic transport station and a centre for science and innovation. The immersive experience in space illustrates the complex harmony of the vast systems. Learn how to think, build, and play like resourceful explorers, and become an empowered part of the evolution of the future. Life on Earth has evolved, and life in space offers a viable growth path for humanity, in addition to a fantastic view!

- Exhibition Inspired: OSS Hope
- Exclusive
- 5-Piece Kit in Oak Wood Gift Box
- Measures 44.4cm x 32.4cm