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Build anything from a high-rise city skyline to a bustling colony in outer space with this 110-piece Magna-Tiles set of some of the brightest colours yet and even magnetic tiles in motion including: 2 large squares, 56 small squares, 12 equilateral triangles, 12 right triangles, 10 isosceles triangles, 2 wheeled chassis, 1 door, 1 rectangle, 2 stairs, 4 quarter circles, 1 spinner, 6 windows, and 1 arch.

Designed with small hands in mind, each of the 110 translucent, colourful shapes in this set attach to one another with a signature "click" and include a mixture of squares and triangles. All Magna-Tiles sets are compatible with one another, allowing children to mix, match, and explore the possibilities.

- 110 Piece Set
- Ages 3+
- Measures 7.62cm Base of Each Shape