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This special edition inspired by New York’s Central Park will ensure there’s plenty of room for you and all your friends. Enjoy three shooting modes, a built-in wide-angle lens with a further three special lens attachments to boot.
- Fully automatic shutter and experimental shooting modes
- Ultra-wide, close-up and splitzer lens attachments
- Super easy to use with endless experimental features
- Uses  Fujifilm Instax Wide film
- Focal Length: 90 mm (35 mm equivalent) & Ultra Wide + Close-up Lens Attachment
- Multiple Exposure: Yes
- Auto Exposure: Advanced Auto Exposure
- Available Apertures: f8, f22
- Batteries: 4×AA (camera), 1×CR2025 (remote)
- Cable Release:: No
- Flash: Built In Flash, PC - Flash Plug
- Remote Control Shutter Release: Yes
- Shutter Speed: 1/125 – 8s (Auto); 30s in (Bulb); 1/30 (Flash Sync)